Is it time to take off with Virtual Reality Tourism?

For many people, traveling to their favorite destinations are their dreams and many people have the bucked list of their desired places, however, like many other things, Pandemic has changed the concept of tourism, and now Virtual reality tourism is slowly taking over. I was reading an article by Caroline Davis on Guardian about VirtualContinue reading “Is it time to take off with Virtual Reality Tourism?”

Visit to Katas Raj Temple

No wonder Pakistan is enriched with the most incredible historical and religious places with beautiful architecture in the world.  This was my first visit to a Temple, and I experience the rituals, their importance, and understanding of another religion. I visited the temple with a group, and it was the most beautiful journey. Traveling withContinue reading “Visit to Katas Raj Temple”

Jaulian Buddhist Stupa &amp&Monastery

It’s like entering into a new place, with a beautiful bridge over water, and long stairs going up to Julian Buddhist Stupa & Monastery. Religious architecture is always a fascination, and their unique structure and thoughtful selection of the place add beauty and peace.  Going up through the stairs and then looking down upon the City feelsContinue reading “Jaulian Buddhist Stupa &amp&Monastery”

Chitral the most peaceful and beautiful valley of Pakistan

If you have heard of the Free Style Polo game played in the World’s highest polo ground, here you are at the right place to know more about the majestic place, hospitable and most peaceful people, and incredible nature with Snow-covered Mountains. Chitral was known as the Princely State before 1947 when it joins Pakistan.  Most people know ChitralContinue reading “Chitral the most peaceful and beautiful valley of Pakistan”